Retail clinic

However, the patient can be confused by which place of treatment they should seek. How do you help patients understand the difference between walk-in retail clinics and urgent care clinics? This starts with the description of healthcare services on your website and marketing materials.

Retail clinic

Vaccinations, checkups, blood tests and care of such nonurgent problems as rashes, sore throats and earaches are typically handled in these settings. This spring, Walgreens broke that mold by starting to diagnose it used the word "assess"treat and manage chronic health conditions.

Who treats patients at a retail clinic? In California, the state government is considering legislation to expand the responsibilities of nurse-practitionersallowing them more independence.

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A recent survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine asked doctors and nurse-practitioners about their roles and whether, for example, they should be paid the same for providing similar services to patients. Not surprisingly, the survey found a strong divergence of opinion in the two groups — with doctors and nurses disagreeing about everything from the level of care nurse-practitioners should be allowed to provide to how much they should be paid for it.

Retail clinic

What are the costs and will my insurance pay for the care? One of the advantages of retail clinics over some other medical settings is that prices for services are often posted at the clinic and online. According to the MinuteClinic and Take Care websites, they accept most insurance plans. But not all do: According to the Rite Aid website, "Services provided via NowClinic online care are not submitted … to your health coverage plan, Medicare, or any state Medicaid program for reimbursement.

Check with your insurance company and the clinic before you start your visit.

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What is the concern of doctors who are questioning the new Walgreens approach? Critics wonder whether the expansion of services in retail clinics means that patients with a chronic condition who seek affordable, convenient care will end up forgoing quality, coordinated care.

Anne Norman, associate vice president of education of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, counters that nurse-practitioners are indeed treating the "whole person" in retail settings. She says they work to "involve the patient in developing an appropriate plan of care" and concentrate on evidence-based care for the "best patient outcome.

For the 40 percent of patients who have no primary care doctor, the staff tries to refer them to one, London says.Welcome to the Board of Pharmacy Website! TECHNICIAN RENEWAL PORTAL - OPEN NOW through October 31, If your registration expires 10/31/, you will receive a postcard and an email with information about the renewal process.

* Retail clinics are available to Blue Shield PPO members.

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HMO members should check with their doctor’s office before visiting a retail clinic. Central Washington Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital in Wenatchee, WA, with beds.

The origins of Central Washington Hospital date to the early s with the establishment of Central Washington Deaconess Hospital and St. Anthony’s Hospital.


Minute Clinic has extensive information about blood pressure. Read about blood pressure. Understanding the different types and level of services provided by your doctor, a retail clinic, urgent care and ER will help you make the right decision. While retail clinics are beneficial for patients who are in need of immediate care for low-acuity ailments, such as colds or flu, they have not turned out to be as beneficial as expected when it comes to lowering overall healthcare costs.

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