Pest analysis of aci bangladesh

Recent political and economic developments and associated changes in the practice and delivery of health and social care have led managers and professionals to recognise the importance and links between problem solving and decision-making skills. In particular, assessing the impact of political, economic, socio-cultural, environmental and other external influences upon health care policy, proposals and organisational programmes is becoming a recognisable stage of health service strategic development and planning mechanisms.

Pest analysis of aci bangladesh

Tanmoy Das Roll No. An operational business model for RMG sector has been established in the initial part of this paper.

Enoree, Laurens, Clinton, South Carolina

In a later part of this paper, nine competitive forces has been established after the discussion of the PEST analysis and the Porters Five forces analysis of the RMG industry ob Bangladesh. So, this factor will have a higher priority in the discussion of this paper.

This paper starts its discussion by discussing what a business model is, and what is strategy for the better understanding of strategic and competitive factors of Bangladesh.

Page 3 Table of Contents Introduction Vast availability of lowest manpower, one of the most competitive energy costs and a proven track record in apparel production and exports have positioned Bangladesh as a regional apparel industry development hub in the Asian continent.

In context of fast increase in labor wages and raw material prices in other major regional counterparts, such as China, India, Thailand etc, Bangladesh is well poised to remain most preferred destination for international apparel majors for sourcing world class fabric and finished clothes.

Page 4 According to this report, Bangladesh Apparel Industry Analysis, Bangladesh apparel industry has grown manifold in the last decade. The country's recognition as low cost-high quality apparel production base resulted in apparel production boom.

Both small- and large-sized firms are booking huge orders from the US and EU buyers and expanding their production capacities. The study revealed that factors including new plant setups, capacity expansion in existing ones, technological up-gradation coupled with government favorable policies will enable apparel production to grow at an unmatched CAGR of The last 20 years witnessed unparalleled growth in this sector, which is also the largest exporting industry in Bangladesh.

PEST Analysis of the RMG industries in Bangladesh -

It has attained a high profile in terms of foreign exchange earnings, exports, industrialization and contribution to GDP within a short span of time.

The industry plays a significant role in terms of employment generation. Nearly two million workers are directly and more than ten million inhabitants are indirectly associated with the industry. In addition to its economic contribution, the expansion of RMG industry has caused noticeable changes by bringing more than 1.

Hence it is quite apparent that this sector has played a massive role in the economic development of the country. It also plays a pivotal role to promote the development of other key sectors of the economy like banking, insurance, shipping, hotel, tourism, road transportation, railway container services, etc.

One of the key advantages of the RMG industry is its cheap labor force, which provides a competitive edge over its competitors. The sector has created employment opportunities for about two million people of which 70 percent are women who mostly come from rural areas.

Currently RMG earns the lion's share of foreign exchange earnings. Producing in cheaper cost using lower cost of labors and selling RMG products in a competitive rate Customers: Clicks Unique Competitive pricing is the unique revenue strategy return which places Banglades Unique competitive advantage on cost of labor h in a high RMG exporting country EPZ manufacturing and lower cost of energy Figure: Page 7 Bangladesh garment industry aims for fast growth Despite recent, highly publicized wage protests, Bangladesh's apparel industry says it is gearing up for high speed growth in the New Year, fuelled by new EU GSP rules, new export markets and government support.

Exports in the last quarter of are also expected to show growth. New markets While the bulk of exports are still shipped to the EU followed by the US, the made-in- Bangladesh label is also slowly going to new places. During the recession inthe government gave a bailout package on condition that the industry develops new markets and new products.

Country Analysis Report: Bangladesh, PEST Insights

By now, the industry has started exporting to new markets like Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Australia. These exports are still small but there is potential for growth, because our garment industry is very competitive. Talks are also on the cards with big neighbor India - to build on the current duty-free quota of 8m pieces of garments annually, from Bangladesh into India.

Growing EUwards While the clothing dependent, least developed country does not have preferential access into the US, the EU is expected to be more accessible from We do not get any duty-free access into the US for garments.

In some cases they charge us higher duties than what they charge developed countries like France. We are doing well in Page 8 the US because our garment industry is highly competitive.

Industry sources say that from 1 Januaryunder new EU GSP rules of origin, more Bangladeshi apparel will qualify for duty-free entry into Europe.


Under these new GSP rules, the fabric can come from anywhere in the world, to qualify for duty-free. Because we import a lot of fabric, this will make a lot more garments eligible for duty-free status. Government support Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government has also started addressing back-end bottlenecks to apparel industry growth.

For instance, work on gas transmission lines has started in order to increase the supply of gas for electricity generation over the next few years.

Electricity interruptions are an immediate hold-up to industry growth. Another speed bump, labour unrest, is also being targeted.

Pest analysis of aci bangladesh

The aim is industry stability and gradual transition to higher value output.Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. SWOT analysis is a precursor to strategic planning and is performed by a panel of experts who can assess the organization from a critical perspective (Gibis et al.

). This panel could comprise senior leaders, board members, employees, medical staff, patients. Dhaka-based Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited is a leading corporate in Bangladesh with a vision to improve the quality of the life of people through responsible application of .

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Pest analysis of aci bangladesh

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H&M SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces, PESTEL analysis by Jakub Jarlaczyk on Prezi