Introductory speech of a new principal

A similar and related issue also arises over prescriptive grammar, i. John McWhorter doesn't have much use for this kind of thing either. He values the living, changing, spoken language, where usage steadily changes and grammar and vocabulary evolve over time.

Introductory speech of a new principal

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In some cases, however, the problem of marked literary peculiarities had to be met. What by any Western standard are the limited vocabularies and stylistic infelicities of the evangelists cannot be retained in the exact form in which they appear in the originals without displeasing the modern ear.

When the prose of the original flows more smoothly, as in Luke, Acts, and Hebrews, it is reflected in the translation. The Gospel according to John comprises a special case. Absolute fidelity to his technique of reiterated phrasing would result in an assault on the English ear, yet the softening of the vocal effect by substitution of other words and phrases would destroy the effectiveness of his poetry.

Again, resort Introductory speech of a new principal had to compromise. This is not an easy matter when the very repetitiousness which the author deliberately employed is at the same time regarded by those who read and speak English to be a serious stylistic defect.

Only those familiar with the Greek originals can know what a relentless tattoo Johannine poetry can produce.

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A similar observation could be made regarding other New Testament books as well. Matthew and Mark are given to identical phrasing twice and three times in the same sentence.

Introductory speech of a new principal

As for the rhetorical overgrowth and mixed figures of speech in the letters of Peter, James, and Jude, the translator must resist a powerful compulsion to tidy them up if only to render these letters intelligibly. Without seeking refuge in complaints against the inspired authors, however, the translators of The New American Bible here state that what they have attempted is a translation rather than a paraphrase.

To be sure, all translation can be called paraphrase by definition.


Any striving for complete fidelity will shortly end in infidelity. Nonetheless, it must be pointed out that the temptation to improve overladen sentences by the consolidation or elimination of multiplied adjectives, or the simplification of clumsy hendiadys, has been resisted here.

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For the most part, rhetorically ineffective words and phrases are retained in this translation in some form, even when it is clear that a Western contemporary writer would never have employed them.

Despite the arbitrary character of the divisions into numbered verses a scheme which in its present form is only four centuries oldthe translators have made a constant effort to keep within an English verse the whole verbal content of the Greek verse. If this translation had been prepared for purposes of public reading only, the editors would have forgone the effort at an early stage.

But since they never departed from the threefold objective of preparing a translation suitable for liturgical use, private reading, and the purposes of students, the last-named consideration prevailed.

Those familiar with Greek should be able to discover how the translators of the New Testament have rendered any given original verse of scripture, if their exegetical or theological tasks require them to know this.

Classical Languages, Earliest Civilizations, the Steppe, Vedas, and the Upanishads

At the same time, the fact should be set down here that the editors did not commit themselves in the synoptic gospels to rendering repeated words or phrases identically. This leads to a final consideration: Here, punctuation and verse division are at least as important as variant readings.

However, the editors did not confine themselves strictly to these texts; at times, they inclined toward readings otherwise attested. The omission of alternative translations does not mean that the translators think them without merit, but only that in every case they had to make a choice.

Poorly attested readings do not occur in this translation. Doubtful readings of some merit appear within brackets; public readers may include such words or phrases, or omit them entirely without any damage to sense.Speaking to persuade: Motivating audiences with solid arguments and moving language from University of Washington.

In the professional realm, we need to be able to argue without being argumentative. Whether you are fundraising for a nonprofit. 15 Tips for the New Principal | Learning, Teaching & Leading Today | said: [ ] "This is the season of new beginnings.

Administrators search for novel ways to inspire their staffs and balance exciting initiatives and necessary mandates into a vision that will move a faculty.

The setting for this introduction speech is a conference for an organization called "Women in Leadership". The audience are primarily women drawn together through an interest in leadership roles.

The audience are primarily women drawn together through an interest in leadership roles.

Introductory speech of a new principal

To the Comic Play-Readers, Venery and Laughter The fashion of play-making I can properly compare to nothing so naturally as the alteration in apparel: for in the time of the great crop-doublet, your huge bombasted plays, quilted with mighty words to lean purposes, was only then in fashion.

And as the doublet fell, neater inventions began to set in the time of spruceness, our plays.

Documenting all of Mark Twain's known public speeches, readings and lectures is a monumental undertaking first attempted by Paul Fatout in his classic volume MARK TWAIN SPEAKING published by University of Iowa Press, Fatout's listing has been updated at least once by noted Twain scholar Louis Budd in "A Supplement to 'A Chronology' in MARK TWAIN SPEAKING" published in Essays in .

Video created by University of Washington for the course "Introduction to Public Speaking". Thank you for joining Introduction to Public Speaking!

I am thrilled at the prospect of a global discussion about good speech. Let's get started! In this.

The Learning Perspective: A New Principal's First Speech